Small System With A Big Punch!

Small System With A Big Punch!

Mini Split Services

Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the most important features in your home. If you want to be comfortable in your home, you need a powerful heating and AC system that will keep key areas of your home comfortable year–round.

That’s why ductless splits are so popular. They offer an inexpensive way to heat and air condition specific rooms or areas of your house, scaling back the amount of energy you use and increasing your monthly savings.

How do they work?

A ductless split system starts with a simple outdoor compressor. Like a traditional air conditioning model or heat pump, the air compressor provides the cooling and heating power needed by the rest of your home. However, because it has no ducts, you can control where that cool air is transferred.

Units can be placed in any rooms you like and because each unit is individual, you control the specific temperature in that room instead of the entire house. As a result, you save money by cooling or heating only the space you are using.

Rye Heating and Air Conditioning has extensive knowledge when it comes to ductless splits and we can provide you expert advice on which system will work best for your home. We can help you work out a regular maintenance schedule and perform the work when the time comes.

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